which loved one’s ?

which loves one’s are worth fighting for?

That’s the question I had to ask myself when i was send a letter about with who o my parents i wanted to live. It’s hard to choose between the people you love, even if you don’t believe you love them. Life is going to change, depending on the choices you make. People are going to treat you diffrent by the choices you make, that’s always going to happen, but when it comes to your loved one’s it’s another story. They aren’t replaceable, you can’t replace your mother or father, it’s hard to make a choice if you know that you’re going to hurt someone, which choice you make. But at those you have to look or hte choice tht makes you happy and just let one of you’re love one’s be hurt, they will get ovt ir sooner or later. It may sound harsh but it’s true.


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