Love You

Life is to short to think about what other People think about you. There will Always Be persons who won ’t like you because of something, a lot of times it doesn’t even matter how nice you are to them. We as persons are so judgemental that we don’t seek to look for someone for who they are.

We judge People by their hair colour, their way of dressing, their way of living, talking, walking, the music they listen to. We are so selfish to look at them, but when someone does it to us, we are immediatly defended by how they judge us.

Maybe the guy you see every day that has tattoo’s all over his body, isn’t the though guy he seems to be, maybe he usss the tattoo’s as a way to take away the pain he has felt his whole life.

Maybe that little girl that walks to school every day and is rude to everyone, has lost her parents to people she trusted. Maybe she’s to scared to let anyone come cose to hr, because she feels that they will leave her in he r moments of need.

Maybe that old man that you see every day yelling at children on his pavement, who’s face is all busted and bruised up, is the man who served in the army and wants to have his peace after all his years of war and the years that followed that he had to go threw, to demolish his trauma. Maybe he is lonely, because he lost his wife to cancer, maybe he lost his daughter to a car crash.


What i’m trying to say is, don’t judge people, because you don’t want to be judged either. Everyone deserves a faare chance in life to have people around the that love them. Let everyone be who they want to be. I for starters am someone who can look at someone covered in tattoo’s and think “What is the story that he’s trying to tell trough his tattoo’s”, maybe there is no story and he just likes it.

But don’t be someone who judges for the fun of it, because your painfull judgement towords someone, can be the one that takes them over the edge to take away their life. Change that and be the one person who saves someone from taking away life. Help eachother through everything.

Because we only have to love ourselfs and eachother to make this world a slightly better place.