So we’re officially going back to the time of slavery? That’s what is happening?

It’s funny though how much people I’ve seen commenting on pictures saying “There aren’t that much black people on earth”. So why, if there aren’t that much people on earth, are these people the ones that get the punches the most??? For robbing, stealing, killing, whatever it is. Don’t get me wrong, I know that it happens, but let’s see it this way.

If a whole nation was telling you that you and you’re children aren’t worthy of food, clothes and other necessities and no one would help you, what would you do to survive?

It’s funny how we get taught something and later on get punished for practicing that same thing we learned.

How come there has to be so much aggressive behavior for one simple thing: acceptense

If you want to say that all lives aren’t the same and that their is a group of people, who can’t do anything about the color of skin they are born with, that doesn’t deserve to be treated equally, then maybe you should start with this self-absorbed ego of yours.

People always tend to forget the things they get from one another, when it isn’t beneficial for them anymore.

Why should I be punished for doing something that you don’t like, but is normal to me? We were obviously raised a different way, we have been thought different traditions, there is nothing wrong with that. Just because your family has a different nationality then mine, doesn’t mean we should hate eachother.

We want the world to be a better place, but we don’t work on it ourselves.  We just expect it to happen, without any influence of us what so ever.

You don’t see that the world we make so aggressive, is the same eorld your children have to live and grow up in?

We should not only make black lives matter, but also the White, Hispanic, Indian, young, old and all the other lives, because “All lives should matter”


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