war on cops

War On Cops?



The only thing you hear on the news, social media etc. these days is “War on cops”.

i am not one to judge, but i think that this should be discussed. There has never been said to be a war on cops, that is what the media is making out of it. Why would we want more people to die, when we know how it feels to lose someone close to us or close to our loved one’s?  We know what it does to us and the people around us.

I would like to point out that there are 64 police deaths vs. 639 civilian deaths this year so far. Which means that there are 9.98 times more civilians being killed then police officers. So with that being said, how is it that the media is saying “War On Cops” ???

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that the lives of the cops don’t matter as much as the life of the civilian, we are all people, regardless of our occupation. I just want to point out that the media is making this a a game, so they can get their money out of it, not caring if it is about real lives or not.

The media is acting as if the only people dying are the cops and we are responsible for it. So they portray us as the one committing a crime, but when it actually happens they act as if they never thought of it that way. Instead they tell us that the person who committed the crime was a “bad” person or something like that.

There has been several news reporters who gave their own opinion during a live broadcast, while they are supposed to be giving an impartial overview of the situation. Which means WITHOUT affecting the judgement/opinion of the viewer. Yet they are not getting a warning or even someone that tells them that they can’t do that. They just get to live their lives, while they May have, not saying it always happens, ruined the person’s life.

Just as the police giving out a photo to the public of the possible shooter of the Dallas shooting. the man who’s picture was spread on the internet will have to live with the consequences for the rest of his life. I’m not saying that they aren’t allowed to make mistakes, they are people too, but if you don’t know for sure, than why do it??? They have to pay him a amount of money and that’s it. If it was someone putting a hunt on the head of a police officer, the person would have been punished way worse.

But let me know what you think about it and how you see it.


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