Summer Table PicNic

Summer Table PicNic

Ted Baker zipper shirt
€135 –

Chicwish floor length skirt
€32 –

Kate Spade black flat shoes
€51 –

Loewe suede purse
€2.075 –

Blue Nile white earrings
€320 –

Black Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera
€59 –

Juicy Couture Set of 3 Hair Elastics
€17 –

Chilling Pink

Chilling Pink

Doublju plus size shirt
€13 –

Cropped jacket
€34 –

LE3NO jean shorts
€30 –

Fahrenheit high heel booties
€26 –

Round engagement ring
€370 –

Sterling silver earrings
€44 –

People You May Know by Kevin Kantor

Bron: People You May Know by Kevin Kantor

When my rapist showed up under the People You may know tab on Facebook it felt like the closest to the crime scene I’ve ever been.

That is if I don’t count the clockwork murder that I make of my own memory every time that I drive down Colfax avenue.

Still, I sit in my living room, I sift for clues.

Click ; I see myself caught in his teeth.

He’s dancing with his shirt off in a city that I’ve never been to.

Click ; he is eating sushi over a few beers with friends and I am under his fingernails.

Click ; I know that alley.

Click ; I killed the memory of that t-shirt.

Click ; this is an old photograph. It’s a baby picture. There’s also an older man, presumably his father, they are both round and right and still smiling.

Click ; he is shirtless again and I catch my reflection in the weight room mirror. “#beastmode selfie”

I call him the wolf when I write about him. The wolf, so as to make him as storybook as possible.

The wolf when I write about him which is to say, when my memory escapes the murder, or when the internet suggests it.

Facebook informs me that we have three mutual friends.

Which is to say, that he is People You May Know.

Which is to say that I am people you may know,

and there are people that know, and people that don’t know.

And people that don’t know, I want to know, I’m afraid to let know.

And probably people that know him, know of me, that know.

The word “know,” “know” “know”

Know is a flock of sleeping sheep sitting in my mouth and now,

now I know the wolf’s middle name and what he listens to on Spotify.

And the all too familiar company that he keeps,

and he can no longer be a wolf. Or the nameless grave that I dig for myself on bad days.

We have three mutual friends on Facebook, and now it feels like they are holding the shovel.

64 people liked the shirtless gym pic.

and four people have told me they’d rather I had said nothing.

Two police officers told me, that I must give his act a name or it didn’t happen.

That obviously I could have fought back.

Which is to say, no one comes running for young boys who cry rape.

When I told my brother, he also asked me why I didn’t fight back.

Adam, I am. Right now. I promise.

Everyday I write a poem titled “Tomorrow”

it is a handwritten list of the people I know that love me

and I make sure to put my own name at the top.

Equality, something Trump knows or something he chooses to ignore?


Definition of equality for English Language Learners

  • : the quality or state of being equal : the quality or state of having the same rights, social status, etc.



Equality is a verb that is almost forgotten if you look at the world at this point.

One of the main examples is Trump at the moment. He thinks that by keeping the immigrants out of America so that he can maintain a stable form of work security for the American people. He wants to put a temporary ban on refugees.

One of the main subjects the world connects with Trump is his will to put up a wall to keep Mexico and America separated. He wants to keep the Mexicans not only out of America, but also wants to get the ones in America to go back to Mexico. The already existing border, which is a partial fence (580 miles out of the total 1954 miles) will be a wall.

Thanks to a treaty between the two countries the border can’t be closed all the way with a wall. That goes for the rivers, that means that the border won’t be closed for at least 24 miles in Texas, Arizona.


Workers raise a taller fence along the Mexico-US border

He says that he does it to stop people from illegally entering America. He wants Mexico to pay for the wall (Which from my perspective is rediculous, because why would you pay to be kept out of a place, that your nation’s people want to go to. Not only to live there, but also to visit family etc.)

It is already said that the so called “wall” will not work. Do to it being impractable. It will not reduce the people trying to cross the border. Do to the terrain and cost the wall will not be a succesfull idea to put in practice.

There are more then enough people who are agreeing with Trump to build the wall to keep the mexicans/illegals out of America. It seems a big part of ignorance seeing as the most of the people agreeing peple, are people who also love to go to an mexican restaurant because they love the food or shop in a mexican shop because they have the right products.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know that there are people who have a different reson r opinion about the matter. Everybody has the right to have their own opinion and reasons, obviously.

I think that it is also a large part of ignorance, who says that “the wall” will help. I mean who are you as person to say that someone is not allowed in the country you live in? Who are you to mae choices for others? Would you like it if someone did that for you?