Pride is a weird thing. It can be something that some people are relaiable of in their daily life. Sometimes it can be your greatest enemy, it all depends on what your vieuw is on life and everything happening around you.

The meaning of pride is:

  • (noun) A feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements
  • (noun) the achievements of one’s close associates or from qualities or possesions that are widely admired
  • (noun) conciousness of one’s own dignity
  • (verb) being especially proud of a particular quality or skill.

An English theologist, John R.W. Stott, once said “Pride is your greatest enemy, humility is your greatest friend”

Nowadays pride is something that is embedded in the DNA of the world, whereas it used to be seen as an abomination to the community to have pride for things that did nothing to help the community evolve.

Pride and arrogance often tend to hold hands, the one is almost never there without the other, even if it is subconciouss.  If we take a look at the roch and powerfull of this world, you can see the perfect example. They don’t  acknowledge the fact that they also can be wrong sometimes. The moment they get to have a little following they think that they are the best person there is etc. etc. Some can handle it and know how to use it for the good, but how much world leaders are there taht misuse their power and sources?

If we look at all the people that could and still can not be themselves because of the pride that their family has, it is is shocking to see. Especially with us being so evolved, it is almost repulsive that we have not evolved in such a way that everyone can be who and what they want. I’m not talking about being homosexuality, even tho they are some of the most experienced people on this subject. If you look at the old times, there were children that were not accepted into their own family because of the pride of the family. The family would reject the child, that come from from something that was not accepted. Something that the child had no effect on, but was a consequence of it.


In this link you can read everything there is to know about pride and humanity, as far as the fundamentals.

Article Pride and Humility ~ C.S. Lewis Institute